Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA)
Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) is a not-for-profit organisation with a commitment to the reduction of youth road trauma in New Zealand through the delivery of quality, evidence-based road safety education programs, such as RYDA.
Young people aged 15-24 represent less than 15% of the population yet account for around one quarter of deaths and injuries on our roads.
Youth road trauma is a community problem that needs a community response. Working with our Community Partner Rotary, Founding Co-Sponsors BOC and NZ Steel we are able to minimise the student participation cost and ensure that our programs are accessible to all young people in our community.
The RYDA Program is conducted at an out of school venue, chosen to highlight the road safety messages and is targeted at 15-17 year olds as they begin to drive or ride in cars driven by their peers. During RYDA, students take part in six interactive sessions on a broad range of road safety topics.
Over 30,000 students have attended the RYDA program across venues from Kaitaia to Timaru. RYDA is an Approved Project of All Rotary Districts of New Zealand.
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Graeme Bellingham
Rotary Henderson
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