1. The District maintains a Combined Liabilities cover for District and Clubs activities. The Public Liability and Association Liability covers apply to all Clubs in the District. The Employers Liability and Statutory Liability covers are restricted to New Zealand Clubs only.

The policy provides (subject to the full policy wordings applicable):

Public Liability cover for the District and its Clubs to an amount of $5,000,000 for any one occurrence including indemnity for individual members and any other persons whilst engaged in any Rotary activity for those clubs. Cover extends to include Punitive and Exemplary damages following Personal Injury to a limit of $1,000,000.
Association Liability (sometimes known as Directors & Officers Liability Professional Indemnity) to an amount of $500,000. This indemnifies officers of the District, Clubs and individual members for all Loss arising from a Wrongful Act for which they become legally liable to pay, including claims made for a breach of professional duty. The definition of insured under the policy includes any past, present or future officer or member or employee acting on behalf of the District or Club at their direction. The definition further includes estates, heirs and their legal representatives in the event of death or incapacity of a member.
Employers Liability for the District and Clubs to an amount of $500,000 covering awards and the cost of a claim alleging breach of duty causing injury or illness where Accident Compensation Commission cover is not available.
Statutory Liability for the District and Clubs to an amount of $500,000 covering Fines and Penalties awarded against the District, its Clubs or its Members in respect of breaches of most Acts of Parliament and the Defence Costs arising out of a claim. Cover under Health & Safety legislation is now restricted by law to Defence Costs and any Reparation Award made.
Where a club has formed a Charitable Trust cover is also provided as long as the draft trust deed has been used and that at all times only current Rotarians are the Trustees.
2. IMPORTANT: If a Club becomes aware of any situation that could give rise to a claim it must be reported immediately to the District Governor and the Organising Brokers. Failure to do so could result in a claim not being accepted by the Underwriters.
3. BOATS AND AIRCRAFT: Additional cover will need to be specifically arranged where a Club owns, maintains, operates or uses any boat exceeding eight (8) metres in length as well as any aircraft.
4. YACHT RACES & REGATTAS: Clubs organising charity yacht races and the like should first advise the Brokers and should ensure that the owners have their vessel insured, and that the owners skipper, or provide a skipper, for their own boats.
5. MATERIAL DAMAGE: Each Club should arrange its own cover. The District has Material Damage cover for its specifically owned property and money, which includes Emergency Boxes and contents whilst held in storage in New Zealand.
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