“MUNA was amazing and changed my life.
After MUNA I was so inspired that instead of following science as a career, I went on to do international politics.”
~ Past Attendee
  • To simulate the working of the United Nations Assembly by having school teams of three Year 12 and 13 (Forms 6 and 7) students representing a particular UN country in debates on matters of world politics and social concern.
  • Debates are held from Friday morning until Saturday afternoon.
  • To develop bridges of goodwill for the furtherance of world peace and understanding.
  • To develop in college students an awareness of the United Nations and the international situation of the countries of the world.
  • To enable students to improve their public speaking and debating skills.
  • To encourage students to make informed comments on world problems.
  • To encourage students to share their opinions and friendship with students from other schools in Rotary Districts 9910 & 9920.
Dates:  Friday 24th and Sat 25th May 2024
Venue: Rosmini College, 36 Dominion Street, Takapuna, Auckland
Club Planning:  
February        Secondary Schools are sent entry forms.
                       Clubs should follow up with their affiliated secondary schools and encourage a team(s) to participate.
                       Agree and advise the amount of club contribution.
                       Get confirmation from the school they will be invoiced by the Club for the school portion of the fee.
March            Entry forms returned by participating schools.
                       MUNA Organising committee contacts the sponsoring club to determine the level of their sponsorship for invoicing.
April              Invoices will be sent by the MUNA Organising committee to the sponsoring Rotary Club.
Costs             $275 per team of 3 students, usually split between the Rotary club and the school for the first team.
                       Second and subsequent teams are usually paid for by the school at $275.
                       However, some clubs historically have paid all or part of the entry fee for further teams.
                       The club needs to agree on the amounts with the school.
MUNA Co-ordinator (District 9910/9920)
Jan Malcolm (Rotary Downtown)
Mob: 027 4442151
District 9910 liaison 
Robert Schroder 
Rotary Browns Bay
2023 Model United Nations Assembly Remits
  • The UN to reaffirm its commitment to advance gender equality within the UN
  • The UN invites member states to comment on the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine and propose solutions to end it.
  • The UN to promote access to fair justice systems in member states.
  • The UN to review policy to ensure the availability and sustainability of water resources and sanitation globally.
  • The UN to reaffirm its commitment to limit environmental damage.