End of November and December saw the completion of Club visits, with visits to Henderson Rotalite, Albany, Kumeu and Whangarei South Clubs.
The final mosaic raffled at these clubs was “BUILDING COMMUNITIES BRIDGING CONTINENTS”, the 2010-11 theme of Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith of the USA.  District 9910 Governor that year was Maxine Neighbour of Whangarei South Club.  This was won by Ses, Henderson Rotalite Club.
This raffle raised the sum of $508.00 bringing the total raised for the   Training Program to date close to $5,000.00.
This amount has been bolstered by a cheque for $1,100.00 presented to me by Whangarei South Club who did a special fundraiser night specifically to help raise funds to add to my fundraiser for the  Training Program. Thank you Whangarei South Rotary Club.
I mentioned in the November DG Newsletter that I was still looking at other ways I could continue, through the rest of Ian’s 2019/20 Governor year, use making mosaics to raise further funds for .  Each month I will attempt to mosaic something useful and interesting to be sold by silent auction.
The next mosaic up for grabs is a pot plant pot with a “faerie and trailing flower vine” theme together with hand painted saucer stand.
This will be a sold by silent auction during the month of February.  Anyone interested in putting in a bid for this pot plant pot, with all proceeds going to the   Training Program, please email your bid to: jasminedawn1960@gmail.com
The highest bid received by midnight on Saturday 29th February will win the auction and the plant pot.
During February, I will work on another mosaic to be sold by silent auction during March.