Rotary Milford members were visible in high vis and high colour amongst the plants in the Milford Shopping area
Milford Rotary made a decision three years ago to support our local community and get involved to get more visibility of the work that Rotary does both locally and internationally. The work we do with Murray Hill ( Milford Business Assn) is coordinated by Alison Waugh - Rotary Milford and delivered by our Rotary volunteers.  We started the Beautification Programme ( Pots and plants) last year when the Milford Bus Assn met the cost of doing Stage One. We got a great response from the community through the Milford Shops Facebook, so this time last year we applied for a grant from the Devonport/ Takapuna Local Board for Stage 2 and were successful in getting $5, 000. Due to Covid lockdown delays, we have just finished spending the last of the funds completing Plants and Pots in the Village, and the hedge plants at the Bus Stop which is what you see in the photographs.
Kings Plant Barn - Forrest Hill has been very supportive with their guidance on plants and suppling the Pots and potting mix. To ensure these plants are well cared for and watered the MBA has hired Mike for a couple of days during the week. Auckland Transport funded the Pots and Plants that we also planted today at the main Bus Stop on Milford Road.
Our next project will be barking the garden in the Car Park off Omana Road. The longer-term project with consultant assistance is to design and build a feature garden as you come into Milford. Currently, this is a “garden” overgrown with ivy.