Mother's Day 2020: send an e-card to the mothers in your life and give a gift in their names to safeguard future Pacific mothers
Sunday 10 May 2020 is Mother’s Day in many countries including New Zealand, Australia and Canada.
With the COVID-19 lockdowns making it difficult to be with the special mothers in your life this year, whether that’s your own mother or the mothers of your children or grandchildren, Rotary Give Every Child A Future is delighted to give you the opportunity to send an e-card to let them know you’re thinking of them. 
To download your card and learn more about this Rotary Australasia project please go to
While there, you are invited to gift a donation on behalf of the mothers in your life to help protect young Pacific women against cervical cancer.
Donations will go towards vaccines, training, equipment and vaccine storage.
On behalf of the future mothers, leaders and carers of the Pacific - THANK YOU.