The District 9910 conference at Waitangi had all of that and more. Great venue, awesome camaraderie, informative speakers and input from those who couldn't be there in person.  In our centenary year, we 'honoured the past' and 'built the future' with input from motivated and forward-thinking young adults.
New Rotarian 
My first Rotary Conference can be easily summed up by the Conferences three themes: People. Passion. Sustainability.  After only two weeks of ‘formally’ being a member of Rotary Westhaven, it was a ‘not to be missed’ opportunity to get to know people from my own and other clubs – even if it meant my debut was in a yellow high vis! People and passion are the strength of volunteer clubs and this was no better demonstrated by recognising and acknowledging the many past Governors on our Conference stage, during the opening speeches.
What struck me was the passion Rotary members have. We heard about projects being driven by passionate clubs from the restoration of
the Waitakere Hospital pond, Clare’s project to restore water supply to earthquake damaged communities of Nepal to Dr Malvindar Singh-
Bains’ unwavering passion for understanding and un-locking brain health. The concept of sustainability was equally woven through all the
presentations with Dr. Maire Doole talking about Ministry for the Environment (MfE) initiatives to address waste in NZ, an impassioned
presentation from Ocean Conservationist Charlie Thomas about her experience on Kure Atoll and hearing from our Next Rotary  Generation colleagues embarking on a sea bin project for Milford Marina.
If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the Rotary Conference, it’s time to reconnect and be inspired and enthused by our clubs’ diversity of people, passions and projects! See you next year! He tangata. Te ihi. Toitu te Ao.
~ Anna Wallace (Rotary Westhaven)
Past District Governor
It is now 24 years since my own District Conference, so plenty of D9910 Conferences have occurred since. Thus, I have an abundance
of conferences (both ours and other Districts) on which to make a comparison with this year’s event. I must admit, that with Covid-19 related interruptions and other challenges which Rotary, in general, is facing, I did not have high expectations. However, how pleasantly surprised Beverley and I were at the quality and appropriateness of the programme – especially the very high standard of speakers as well as project presentations.
The video presentations of RI President, Holger Knaack, Zone 8 RI Director, Jessie Harman and PRIP/ TRF Trustee Ian Riseley, were all
probably as good, if not better, than if they had been there in person. This also applied to the videos from Norfolk Island, Port Vila, Santo
and New Caledonia. These very effective videos were only surpassed by an astounding line-up of quality speakers who came from both our own ‘ homegrown’ speakers to top quality and expertly selected guest speakers. These started off with a very appropriate and polished presentation by Governor 9970 Mark Yaxley who represented the other current NZ District Governors.
DG Elaine's opening into ‘Honour Our Past’ by calling onto the stage all D9910 Past Governors and their partners led to a stage full to capacity, indicating enthusiastic support for DG Elaine and our District. The ‘in person’ club presentations from within our District – were all of a very high standard and very well received. The ‘whole show’ was skillfully crafted by DG Elaine (ably assisted by partner PDG Peter Garnett) and complemented by an excellent MC Diane Robertson. As I said to DG Elaine (with tongue in cheek) ‘it was the second-best D9910 Conference I have been to’!!
~ PDG David Oliver (1996-97)