The District Legislation and Resolutions Committee shall keep the resolutions of the District in conformity with the changes in the Constitution of Rotary International. They shall receive and process all resolutions to be considered by the District Conference including changes to The Rotary International District 9910 Inc. Constitution and Bylaws.
Ce comité doit sassurer que les résolutions du District sont en conformité avec les changements des statuts du Rotary International. Il doit recevoir et traiter toutes les résolutions examinées lors de la Conférence de District y compris celles concernant les statuts et les réglements du District 9910
D9910 Council on Legislation representative D9910 Council on Legislation alternate
PDG Bruce Rasmussen
Rotary Milford
PDG Elaine Mead
Rotary Westhaven
Committee member (s)  
The Council on Legislation (COL), Rotary’s worldwide parliament, meets every three years and has the authority to amend the Rotary International constitutional documents. The district representative (delegate) must be a Past Governor and attends the COL meetings on behalf of the district. A COL representative is limited to attending three meetings.
There are two kinds of proposals: an enactment, which will amend the constitution or by-laws of Rotary International or a club, and a resolution, which expresses an opinion or makes a recommendation to the Rotary International Board.
It is important to note that a club’s proposed legislation needs district support and endorsement, and the best time and place to get this approval, is at our district conference.
The Council on Resolutions meets online every year between October and November, to vote on proposed resolutions and urgent enactments. Resolutions are requests to the Board or the Trustees to take an action that is outside the purview of the constitutional documents.
Ideally a resolution should affect the Rotary world, rather than address local or administrative issues.
Refer to Councils section in My Rotary for more information
Documents below on 2022 COL changes, required Club Constitution and recommended Club By-Laws
Changes to club constitutions are required after the 2022 Council on Legislation, yet changes to the NZ Incorporated Society will not be drafted until later in 2022.
A New Zealand-wide working group is working on a proposed Club Constitution template to ensure our clubs' Constitution will meet Rotary International and New Zealand's Incorporated Society Act requirements, thus allowing clubs to re-apply under the new Act to be re-registered.
Our Pacific Clubs are not Incorporated so a standard Constitution can be adopted by them.