The Council on Legislation (COL), Rotary’s worldwide parliament, meets every three years and has the authority to amend the Rotary International constitutional documents. The district representative (delegate) must be a Past Governor and attends the COL meetings on behalf of the district. A COL representative can only attend no more than three meetings.
There are two kinds of proposal: an enactment, which will amend the constitution or by-laws of Rotary International or a club, and a resolution, which expresses an opinion or makes a recommendation to the Rotary International Board.
It is important to note that a club’s proposed legislation needs district support and endorsement, and the best time and place to get this approval, is at our district conference.
See below for links to 2019 COL changes and suggested By-Laws and Constitution documents for a D9910 Rotary Club
Council on Legislation contact - 
PDG Maxine Neighbour
027 2748674
Rotary Whangarei South