The district has adopted a new regime for the District and Clubs from 1 July 2020.
This comes about as a consequence of a major review and analysis of the old insurance policy which is over 15 years old.
In that time, regulations and laws have changed and Rotary International requirements have increased, particularly in regard to youth activities with children (under 18).
A single district-wide cover that would meet modern legal and RI requirements and adequately cover the whole range of Rotary activities in the district would be prohibitively expensive.
Instead, District 9910, District 9920 and District 9940 have joined to leverage a fit-for-purpose insurance programme based on establishing national master policies, each addressing specific insurance requirements of Districts and Clubs and providing a much more robust risk management framework to all our clubs and Rotarians.
The master policy framework provides significant economies of scale so the individual cost of each policy taken out is significantly reduced.
The insurance programme provides for each District and Club to opt-in according to their specific needs at any given time.
The programme is being rolled out in July 2020 and information and advice for clubs will be provided during July.
In addition to the new programme information coming, the following advice continues to be relevant and will apply within the new programme.
Death or bodily injury claims during public events
This is covered by the Accident Compensation Act and there is no liability at all on the part of the Rotary Club whether they are negligent or not. However, the possibility of exemplary damages claim for personal injury may be made against clubs.
The Club must be negligent and this negligence must be proven.
Damage to a Rotarian’s personal property while on Rotary activities.
This should be covered by the member’s own personal insurance on their household goods and personal effects. The new District and Club policies do not provide such cover.
Accidental damage to property belonging to the public
Cover for this liability will be part of each District and Club Associations Cover.
This means if Clubs are conducting activity in a public place, they will need to have their own Club cover.
The limit of liability in each policy will be $2,000,000.
Accidental damage to club or district property.
This will be covered by a specific policy called a Moveables Policy, with value commensurate with potential risk (i.e. the value of the assets), instead of one big fee-paying for a huge amount to cover a range of possible scenarios.
Weather catastrophe
It is possible to insure against rain causing cancellation of an event.
That is an expensive class of insurance and an insurance broker should be asked to arrange it.
Youth Protection.
Police vetting for Rotarians as required by local NZ regulations and Rotary rules were introduced a number of years ago.
From July 2020, Rotary International has further added some specific requirements for insurance in circumstances where a Rotarian and/or a non-Rotarian directly involved in the activity may be left in sole charge of children under 18, particularly where residential care is required.
The District and Club Associations cover has been developed to include a specific youth extension to provide cover for these youth activities.
Clubs will be required to have this cover if they are involved in such youth activities.
Important Notes
It is essential that when a club is involved in an activity outside the “normal day-today Rotary activities” or in some activity that is obviously risky, the brokers must be advised beforehand, e.g. a major fireworks display or extensive fund-raising activities using vehicles, boats or aircraft.
Clubs cannot assume that everything they do is automatically covered.
If in any doubt contact the insurance brokers, and ensure that written confirmation is received of any advice given by them.
The new "standard" club insurance policy does not cover what is termed “professional negligence”. This will be an optional extension available.
So, for example, offering to run a fairground game to make money. If it flops, then without the extension, the club policy does not provide cover.
ROZOPS Ltd, Rotary NZ's national organisation will be managing the Insurance programme for Districts and Clubs that opt-in.
For further information or explanation, please contact the D9910 ROZOPS Director, David Oliphant doliphant.rotary@gmail.comor Finance Chair Chris Owen
The new national ROZOPS insurance programme is developing a comprehensive set of premier travel covers.
These policies will be accessible to all Rotarians, Rotary Programme participants and Rotary alumni. They will provide for personal travel cover (eg holidays), Volunteer cover and group travel.
ROZOPS will be providing more information through the District in August 2020.
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