To provide D9910 Clubs with support in reaching Rotary International Goals to help reduce the worldwide problems in Literacy and Numeracy.
To support the development of Literacy Programmes throughout D9910.


The Usborne Dictionary and Usborne Atlas Programme.
Dictionary - Past RI President Bill Boyd introduced this programme to provide every Year 4 student in a low decile school with a dictionary. This dictionary is beautifully illustrated and children are encouraged to take them home to share with the family.
Atlas – A beautifully illustrated and internet linked atlas also aimed at Junior Years is suitable as a class resource, library resource as well as for individual study.
Cost – Dictionary - $9.50        Atlas - $7.50 and available from Bronwyn Ellison at   094265519 or
Help for Prisoners.
Clubs can assist literacy in prisons by providing books and magazines. The dictionaries are also very popular and assist prisoners with letter writing to their families.
Books for Teen Parents Schools
More Teen Parents Schools are being established throughout the District. The young mums are there to continue their studies for qualifications and their babies also attend in many cases. Books suitable for mother and baby are always appreciated. One Club has donated Bags of Books suitable for the family to share.
Books in Homes
This is an established partnership between The Alan Duff Charitable Foundation, Schools and participating Rotary Clubs. Clubs donate around $1500 (depending on school size) during a 3 year period along with the schools similar donation. Corporates also provide sponsorship. Children receive books throughout the year usually four times a year at a special Duffy Assembly also attended by a celebrity / role model who emphasises the importance of reading. Contact your local school to become involved.
Reading Together
This is a new pilot programme currently being funded by Ministry of Education in two Far North Schools involving support parent literacy with an aim of improving their children’s reading. The literacy committee will be supporting the expansion of this programme to other areas.
Vanuatu Literacy and Numeracy
The literacy committee has completed many successful projects in Vanuatu and is always looking for support in this area.
How Your Club Can Help
Many Clubs do not have low decile schools in their area. North Shore Clubs could team up with a Club in West Auckland or Northland on a combined project, or assist with the dictionary and atlas programmes in these areas. Has your Club considered a District Grant for Literacy Project?
Clubs can contact one of the following literacy committee members regarding the above programme information -
Bob and Judy Baird                                      East Coast Bays Club
Pene Burridge                                               Henderson Club
Ali Chamberlain                                           North Harbour Club
Geoff Chamberlain                                 North Harbour Club
Bronwyn Ellison                                               Maungaturoto Club
Henare Gabel                                Kaitaia Club
Liz Henley                                                   Kaikohe Club
Maxine & Murray Neighbour                         Whangarei South Club
Jerry Norman                                  North Harbour Club
Bruce &Christine Rasmussen                  Milford Club