To provide medical treatment for children 15 years and under, who are from developing countries of the South Pacific region, for life-saving and/or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to them in their home country.
 Objectives - 
- Give hope and restore dignity to transform a child's life
- Provide the best possible surgical and medical expertise
- Engage Rotary and the community at all levels to fund and support surgery for chidren
- Maintain and improve the quality of the management process and ensure high quality governance of the ROMAC program
 ROMAC is a humanitarian Rotary programme which has been in operation since 1988.
Rotarians volunteer their time and expertise to run this Rotary programme which encompasses and is endorsed by all Australian and New Zealand Rotary Districts. ROMAC has no employees, no buildings, and no vehicles and consequently almost 100% of donations and grants received by ROMAC is spent on the children. Wherever possible eminent Australian and New Zealand surgeons donate their time for the treatment of our patients and these surgeons get unique opportunities to develop their specialist skills. During their recovery after surgery, the children and care-giver are looked after by New Zealand families, fostering international learning and understanding in the process.
Approved by Rotary International as a Multi-District Activity Rotary Programme ROMAC New Zealand Charitable Trust (Charities Registration No. CC45367)
Peter Garnett
Rotary East Coast Bays
M: 027 220 5137
Geoff Pownall
Rotary Takapuna
M: 021 627 014
Rotary Club Hosting Liaison
Sarah Oomen
M: 021 02474613
Donations from individuals Payments by Credit Card Clubs and Trusts
Payments made through RNZWCS to receive tax rebate
Bank : Westpac
A/c name: RNZWCS Ltd
A/c#: 03 1702 0192208 01
Reference Field1: Donee's name (for tax receipt)
Reference Field2: 405-ROMAC (to identify ROMAC)
Reference Field3: Donee's phone# (for contact to issue receipt)
  www.rnzwcs.org via "Donate Now"
  The same reference details should be included, particularly the code “405-ROMAC for identification and receipting purposes.
  Payments can be made directly to ROMAC
  Bank : Kiwibank
  A/c name: ROMAC NZ Charitable Trust
  A/c#: 38-9011-0011312-00
  Reference Field1: Donee's name (for tax receipt)
  Reference Field2: Donation
  Reference Field3: Donee's phone# (for contact to issue receipt)